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How To Find Great Roofers In Dublin

Great Roofers Dublin – How To Find Them

What to look for

Getting work done on your roof can be expensive and can affect the structure and value of your property. So it is essential that you find someone who you know will do a great job . A good way to start is to ask around for recommendations. For example, if any of your neighbours have the same type of roof and have had work done recently then they might be able to advise. Make use of the internet to not only find someone but also to check out reviews on their website. You can also check professional trade organisation such as the National Guild of Master Craftsmen to find someone or check the credentials and professionalism of a recommended roofer. It goes without saying that the company or trader should have all the necessary insurance to carry out the work. And you are perfectly entitled to ask to see it.


Of course, who you choose will also depend on whether or not it is a standard type of job or something more complicated. Flat roofs, architectural features, and conservation restrictions might require some specialist skills.


Getting a quote

It is always best to ask for at least three quotes. The roofers should be happy to come out and look. You can’t see your roof so it’s not enough for you to just describe the problem. They need to do an inspection to see what needs to be done. However, they might not see the full extent of the damage until they start working so be aware that the suggested cost will probably be an estimate rather than a quote.


Be wary of any that are offering discounts, or insist on being paid in cash. If there is a big difference between the highest and lowest quotes check online reviews and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification of exactly what is included. Always get this information in writing.


Getting Started

Once you have chosen who will do the work you need to get clarification of all the extra but important issues. This includes guarantees, timescales, and contingency arrangements if work is delayed due to weather conditions. Also, make sure you know who is responsible for any mess left behind.


You should also establish how payment will be made. If it is just a few tiles being replaced you will probably pay on completion but for larger jobs payments may be made in instalments as the job progresses.  As always it’s best to put everything in writing. You can draw up a simple contract which both parties can sign to confirm the agreed terms and conditions. Hopefully, this will avoid any misunderstanding or worse – legal action further down the line.


Planning permission is your responsibility as the property owner. You can ask your roofer for advice but it is up to you to make sure that the work conforms to building regulations. This is especially important if the structure is being altered rather than just repaired.


Roof maintenance can be a major headache for homeowners but following the advice above will help to ensure that you receive the best possible results.

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