When assessing a roofing job, sometimes there is no choice but to replace the hole roof.
But other situations may only require roof repairs, like replacing some roof tiles or slates, or perhaps some flashing needs to be fixed or replaced.
Ether way it takes a skilled professional roofer to carrie out these jobs.
Better safe than sorry.

For this Dublin roofing job, Active Roofing ltd  were contracted to do a roof replacement.

We removed all of the old roof slates and timber battens.
Then we added the breathable felt and treated timber battens.
We then built new valleys and added the led flashing.
After that we added the new flashing around the chimney stack.
Then we applied the brand new roof tiles to the roof.
We finished off by adding the ridge tiles to the top of the roof.
And all with a 30 year guarantee.

For information about how we can fix your roofing problem just Active Roofing ltd