Do I Need To Replace My Entire Commercial Roof?

Commercial roofs are designed to withstand plenty of weather elements lasting 20-30 years.  But, this is dependent on the roofing materials plus how well the roof is maintained.  Still, some factors can accelerate the wear and tear, leading to leaks and the roof materials coming loose.

Simple repairs once in a while can solve some of the problems, but sometimes the roof needs a complete replacement.

When should you replace the entire roof?  Let’s examine a few factors:


Is Your Roof Leaking?

The leak may be limited to a particular section of the roof, warranting a repair such as loose flashing. Leaks spread in several parts of your property; the roof might be too weak to patch.  Such extensive water damage calls for a total replacement.

Replacing your commercial roof is the best option to avoid ongoing and costly repairs and more damage to your property.


Use the correct material

A roof falling from improper installation of materials, where the wrong materials were used, requires a replacement. Invest in new roofing instead of patching or repairing the wrong material.  A lousy spot on a wrong roof material doesn’t warrant a repair in the long run.  For the long-term roof performance, invest in a complete replacement. You can also update your roofing specification to modern features, with more efficient roofing materials.


Try new Alternatives

You don’t have to replace your whole roof if the majority is in good condition.  A worthy replacement should consider over high-priority areas, such as over expensive manufacturing or office equipment.  You can use other preventive measures such as regular roof inspection as you hold off on the balance of the roof.

Replace your commercial roof today!


Advice To Building Owner

Review your roof problem after heavy rain.  If you find leaks or moisture around the ceiling or interior walls, call and book roof inspection. The penetration of water in multiple places is a sign of a more severe problem, and you may be looking at full roof replacement.


Cost Of Repair vs. Replacement

A complete replacement is best for a roof 25% damaged as long term solution.   Choosing the maintenance path places the homeowner with expenses that will exceed the cost of replacement in the long run. Paying for partial replacement doesn’t make any economic sense in the long term.

You may have only a section of your roof damaged; the cost of repair high compared to full replacement. The cost of a complete replacement should be even lower while the equipment and crew are on-site. You don’t have to wait to get the replacement done.


Call The Contractor

Start by scheduling an inspection.  Make sure the roofing contractor conducts a thorough examination of your roof, including flashing, seams, and all attachment points.  Any cracking or crumbling near the roof joints and corners, the overall deterioration, leaks, premature aging, and punctures should be documented.

In the end, you’ll need to decide whether to do for a partial or full commercial roof replacement, which should be done with the aid of experienced commercial roofing professionals.  Our top contractors will be able to tell you how much more damage your commercial roof can withstand.