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“Active Roofing is one of the most dependable roofing companies in the Dublin area – it’s customer focus and attention to detail gets better and better every day.”

At Active, we pride our selves on providing quality,affordable workmanship.We have built our family business around our reputation and offer excellent Customer and after sales service. We offer every type of roofing service. We offer are clients a full writing 30 year guarantee on all new roofs & a ten year guarantee on all repair work.

Who We Are:

We at Active Roofing firmly believe that what makes us different is Our highly skilled staff provide a standard of service that none of our competition can equal. We are a leading local specialising in Roofs and flat roofs. Since 1973, we’ve been delivering high quality service to clients in the Dublin area and beyond, building a reputation for excellence, strength and affordability. We are a business composed of dedicated professionals all working to deliver excellent results for you. We listen carefully to customers’ feedback and always strive to improve the role and value of what we provide to our customers. Whatever the job, whatever the location, we are always there for you.

Active Roofing is a fully registered C2 roofing contractors. We have full employer & public liability for 13 million for the safety of are clients. Are policy is with Keystone insurance,you can contact them are any time,and give are policy number GEI/COM/01413846 if may need to asked them anything.

What We Do For Our Customers:

Many people have told us, ”

You are absolutely the fastest/friendliest/most thorough/ most affordable/ most dependable business in the industry.

” And whether you agree with them or not, we always do our best to keep the spotlight on you, our customer. If you’ve been let down by other companies and think the situation is hopeless, we understand – we’ve heard our clients’ complaints about other companies and we work hard to consistently be better than our competition. Maybe we’re not the biggest provider in Ireland, but it’s our dedication to professionalism and customer service that will get you the results you need when you need them.

Why not contact us right now and find out what we can do for you?

“service you can depend on, people you can trust”