New Roof Donaghmede

Have you been putting off your roof replacement? Spring is the best time to get a new roof. Here is why!

Spring weather is still pleasant but not too hot and your contractor is, likely to be free from the busy summer season and ready to take out your job at a lower rate before slowing down for winter. Re-roofing makes sure it protects your home from the snowy season and prevents the worsening of simple roof issues.

Top reason to re-roof your home in September and November:

Summer heat takes a toll

Old roofing is affected by winter & summer and might develop leaks which are a vast problem in winter. Springs storms might have knocked the last little of your roof integrity and the sun-damaged your aging roof weaken your protective coverings to at the point it won’t make it through another winter.

Get it fixed now!

Snow & Ice is hard on aging roof

They design roofs to handle a certain amount of snow, and winter storms might take toll of an aging roof.  Old roofing will break because of heavy ice buildup resulting from flashing and tie-ins if your roof shingles are already crumbling.

It can correct simple damage before winter to stop the invisible damage from getting worse. The icicles formation along the roofline causes the snow to build up behind them and find its way underneath the shingles. The attic heat causes the snow to melt dripping into your home to cause more damage.

Still, water gets into the jagged edges of worn-out shingles which expands when it freezes again, widening the tear thus recommended to have them med before the cold months hit.

Spring Has Better Weather

The perfect temperature for roofing is above 45 degrees, providing enough time for shingles to adhere to your roof for good thermal sealing.  Re-roofing in the fall that makes sure you have a few months before it gets too cold.

Applying your shingles at the perfect temperature, you will create airtight barriers against winter’s rain and snow.

You’ll save on winter heating

Fresh roofing materials are more energy-efficient by keeping the sun’s heat for coming into your home and the heated/cooled air from escaping.

Roof replacement and other energy upgrades earn you a tax credit, which is another reason to get it done this year.